Per Night*  
Monday - Thursday £135
Friday - Sunday £150

*Please note that individual stays other than Mon-Fri may incur in an extra day charge of £80

*Arrival after 3pm - departure by noon

Regular Mid-week Offer
Studio En-Suite £600
Double Room £500
Single Room £450

*Arrival Mon at 9am - departure Friday by 6.15pm

Week (Monday - Sunday) Subject to Availability
Studio En-Suite £900
Double Room £800
Second Person Sharing a Room 50%
2 People Sharing the Studio (Monday - Friday) £900

*Arrival after 9am - departure by 6.15pm

As you will see below, our prices for services and a few suggested supplements and aids are extremely competitive. We provide with a basic residential service. You can then add any extras and ensure you are in control of your budget and pay for what you actually want to use.


  Single Treatment Course of 6 Residential
Colonic Hydrotherapy £60 £300 £50
Colon Probiotic Implant £20    
Colon Coffee Enema £20    
Massage* £60 £300  
Consultation £60 £300 £50
Beauty Treatments* We offer a large array of treatments.
Please discuss with us.
Faster EFT* £100    
Gallbladder Cleanse £40   £35
Sauna Session £30 £150 Free Throughout
Hot Yoga* £35    



Wheatgrass Shot* £2.50
Optibac Extra Strength Probiotics £22
Optibac For Female - 14 Cap £10
Optibac Saccharomyces Boulardii £6.50
Optibac on Antibiotics £5.50



Enema Bag £14
Implant Bulb Syringe £6



  • Massages: We use several fantastic therapists who offer a different range of massages. You may discuss with us which one you prefer. The price may change accordingly.
  • Beauty: we work in partnership with a top class beautician. For further information and prices, please visit
  • Yoga: For more professional yoga practice, we take you to our partner hot yoga studio, which is less than 10 minutes away. For classes and timetable check
  • Wheatgrass: we source our wheatgrass juice from Oliver who waters the grass with oceangrow water and is our favourite farmer in the whole world. For more information see
  • Faster EFT: this is our suggested emotional (and physical) freedom emotional technique to aid you with deep-seated issues. Note than only one session is required to release an issue.

To book your stay, please complete our online contact form or call us on 0208 949 8748 or 07963 692441.

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