Detox Juice Retreats

Mid-Week Detox Retreat


*Arrival on Monday from 9am and departure on Friday before 6:15pm

We are open all year round. You may stay whenever you want for as long as you want. But if you take advantage of our mid-week regular offer, you save £100!

Yoga and Meditation Class

It comprises:

  • Accommodation: Your own room with TV (check below for different types)
  • All organic vegetable juices (and optional evening broth)
  • Organic herbal teas and filtered water
  • Daily meditation (optional) and use of meditation room
  • The use of the sauna, mini gym and library
  • Expert guidance with health talks
  • Grander water

* Please note that no activity is compulsory.
** We promote sugarless vegetable juices and broths. However, we will try to accommodate your wishes and palate if required



We have three beautiful rooms which are very different.

The Studio is a large en-suite shower room with its own mini lounge and kitchenette. The studio is independent of the main building and is located on the ground floor.

The Double Room is on the first floor of the main building. It has access to its own large shower room, although it is not en-suite.

The Single Room is on the ground floor of the main house. It has access to an adjacent shower room, which may be used by other guests during the day.


Additional Services:

We really believe in making your fast an affordable reality. That’s why we keep our basic costs down. However, in order to enrich your experience, you may pick and choose from some extras below. This way you will be able to pay exactly for what you need and stay in charge of your budget.


As you will be fasting, your body will not have the urge to go to the toilet, yet there will be matter in your colon from previous meals. In addition, your body will be cleansing and collecting toxicity form around the body and sending it to your colon ready to be expelled. Yet there will be no urge to go to excrete such toxins. Not only may you feel uncomfortable, but also your detoxification process may be unnecessarily more painful if you don’t help your faeces leave your body. In addition, toxicity may be reabsorbed rendering the whole process ineffective.

Therefore, we strongly recommend you to perform an enema daily. You may bring your own or purchase one form us. (If you buy it elsewhere, please ensure it is a 2-litre artsana bag and not a 1-litre bucket type.) We will teach you how to use it.

Colonic Hydrotherapy:

For the same reasons as above, having a colonic irrigation treatment will be highly beneficial to your detoxification process. Doing a daily enema is essential and may be enough. However, whilst an enema inserts up to 2 litres of water, a colonic will use 50-60 litres and hence it goes further and cleanses much deeper into your colon. For that reason, in most cases, we recommend having at least one colonic during your stay.

Both enemas and colonics will aid elimination and ease off some of the discomfort arising from the detoxification process. Headaches, bloating, etc. is often alleviated after one colonic.


Whilst not essential, treating yourself to a massage during your stay is a well-earned reward for your hard work. And it is not just pampering, but it assists the movement of toxins towards their elimination.

Faster EFT:

We all have deep-seated emotional issues that translate into real physical impediments. At Health Etcetera we offer this technique to release some of your emotional burdens. The therapist will tap you in several strategic places proven to release blocked past tensions. Only one session is required.

Beauty Treatments:

Although our main aim is to assist you on your road to wellness, we are aware that many of you would like a helping hand with those wrinkles. Therefore, we offer a wide range of beauty treatments such as facials, manicures and pedicures, and state of the art non-invasive anti-ageing procedures. Please call us ahead of your visit to enquire more about these services.


We have a wonderful space for some informal yoga practice with mats and towels. On occasions, we may lead to some informal yoga activities. If you would like more formal guidance, we will take you to our local professional hot yoga studio, which is merely minutes away. A discounted price is available to our clients.

Gym and sauna:

We have a wonderful 6-person Swedish sauna and a small gym with some essential equipment. Both are available to our guests free of charge.

Specialist Cleanses:

We support and we are trained in a number of cleanses. From water fasts to bentonite clay and gallbladder cleanses. We are happy to discuss and tailor our program to your requirements.


Available to those who would like more tailored advice with their lifestyle.

As well as our residential prices, our extra treatments and supplements are highly affordable. Check our price list for more information.

To book your stay at our UK health retreat, please complete our online contact form or call us on 0208 949 8748 or 07963 692441.

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