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If you are looking for a really good detox retreat then look no further! Health Etcetera is simply Amazing! After coughing continuously for three months and suffering with bronchitis I was convinced nothing would help me, after all I had tried just about everything possible including steroids. I can honestly say that after only just 3 days with Rian I was cured. In fact, Health Etcetera delivers a first class service at a fantastic price, which includes juices yoga meditation and endless nutritional information. Rian is a kind caring authentic lady who's compassionate about her work. And she delivers amazing results!

The only thing Rian is missing are her Angel wings! I came away feeling totally fabulous and truly hope I have the pleasure to visit again sometime!

Elisha (Kent)


Hola Rian,

I just wanted to send you a thank you note …

Thank you for your enthusiasm, help, support and the sheer time and effort you put in on my visit! YOU really made the difference and I would have found it hard to get past two days of fasting without your help! Plus...I got loads of other (unexpected) bonuses such as our chats, the meditation, yoga and use of the sauna which really helped with my sinuses - and at just the right time!

I will see you again - no doubt sooner rather than later…

Dave (London)

Liz and Barbara

Dear Rian,

I had never been to a detox before my stay at Health Etcetera and having been unhappy about my self image for several years, I really do feel as though my five days with you have been the catalyst for a lasting change to my eating and drinking habits. You have been a wonderfully warm and giving host and during our daily chats, your wealth of knowledge, not only about nutrition, but about various aspects of life, was essential in helping me keep on track during my stay.  Thank you Rian!

Good luck and I hope to be in touch again before too long.

Love, Barbara xx (Canterbury)

Dear Rian,

This is to say thank you so much for last week; I had been looking forward to our visit since January.

I found a five-day fast much easier than I had feared and it really helped to have you as a mother during the process – your kindness made it almost pleasant! We were lovely and warm and comfortable and you were so welcoming and the location so peaceful that our time went by almost in a dream.  As you know, we were scared of going home ‘back to reality’ but so far it is all working out very well and our chats with you really have helped us to clarify what we needed to do on our return.

There are lots of little ways in which I feel so different now including, of course, feeling much lighter!  I feel I have a new zest for life and all those little repetitive tasks that I may have previously performed with rather bad grace I now perform with a smile.

Life changing? Definitely! Love you loads!

Best wishes, Liz (Canterbury)


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